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July's Featured Plant

"Far and away this is my favorite

palm tree" says landscape designer, Kevin Campbell. He's talking about the gorgeous

Kentia Palm (Howea forsteriana), 

a native from Lord Howe Island, Australia.

 "I really like this palm because

it is elegant, broad and most similar

to a coconut palm look. Also, it's a

 clean palm to maintain.

This graceful palm is perfect

for Southern California."

The Kentia palm grows slowly. It can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Kevin says the ideal way to feature

the Kentia is to plant it in groupings of

3 or 5 stems and select trees of

various heights to mimic nature.

Kevin maximizes successful plantings of

Kentia palms by only using using those

trees that are California "sun grown".  

The Kentia palm is a great size for the

Southern California garden,

easy to grow and maintain.

It is beautiful in the coastal, traditional and tropical look gardens of California.


June's Featured Plant


Trichostema lanatum, Woolly Blue Curls,

is a beautiful California native  

evergreen shrub. The woolly "blue curls"

are  deep purple to blue flowers.

This beautiful shrub is compact

and drought tolerant--a perfect addition

to the Southern California garden.

​Indigenous Americans prized this

pretty native for its medicinal value. 

 Tea made from sprigs of

Woolly Blue Curls is also extremely tasty,

with a soothing, calming effect

May's Featured Plant 


Kangaroos Paw or Anigozanthos (genus) is a showy, exotic and beautiful plant for the California garden.

This Drought tolerant plant comes in full size

and dwarf varieties. The Kangaroos Paw is

from Australia originally.

It comes in a variety of colors; 

especially popular in red, pink and

a lovely golden yellow.

The flowers are carried on long stems

and have a long blooming time.

They are unusual and resemble a "paw"

and are velvet-like to the touch.

This is a wonderful plant for a

drought tolerant garden in Southern California

For beautiful and dramatice design impact

in your landscape consider

massing them in your garden.

You can also use the flowers as cuttings

for your home. They are graceful,

modern and lasting.